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Mentor to Make a Difference
What better way to make a difference than to help to others grow and thrive? When you're ready to enrich your life by shaping those of others, how will you find the most effective ways to share your gifts?

Trainers, teachers, managers, parents, and community groups all have an opportunity to make a powerful difference in someone’s life. Many mentors do this instinctively – while others want to, but don’t know how. In addition to revealing your own unique abilities and personal drivers, Strengths at Work™ can help you:
 discover each individual’s natural talents and how they’re at work in their life.
 show someone in a non-threatening way how they may be perceived by others.
 guide people to recognize behaviors that happen when strengths are in “overdrive”.
 explore how using strengths can assist people in creating and achieving goals.

Mentoring is a powerful process that rewards the receiver – and the giver. We invite you to consider how Strengths at Work can help you make a difference.

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