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Train for Impact
Most of us can recall someone who made a difference our lives – whose style and message encouraged us to open our minds and be our best. We remember them because they truly engaged us – helping us to learn, grow, and find our way.

Providing the “spark” for lasting change requires a special set of evolving skills to make a difference now and in the future. As a development professional, you’re always looking for new tools and strategies to enhance your effectiveness. Imagine that you had a new way to really reach trainees and employees that helped you:
 engage their full potential and energy by tapping into their natural strengths.
 foster lasting change by creating a common language and perspective.
 develop and support people at all levels of the organization.
 build a “bench” that’s better prepared to communicate, collaborate and perform.
 identify opportunities to further develop strengths and drive results.
 provide a sustainable way to feel more involved, energized, and satisfied at work.

Our premier product, Strengths at Work™, is designed to support you in doing all that. You can choose to facilitate our ready-to-go workshop kit yourself or ask us to customize the seminar materials and work directly with you and your group. And, whether you’re guiding others to develop new skills, change behaviors, or learn new tasks, we can help. Better By Choice™ can also work with you to design and deliver interactive, energizing workshops, and practical tools to meet organizational goals by helping you increase learner acceptance and application to their world of work.

What kind of support will help you light the way for meaningful change? We invite you to tell us about your situation, explore how Better by Choice can assist you, or download an executive summary of Strengths at Work.
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