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Coach for Growth
As a coach, your ability to support others in achieving their goals depends upon what they reveal to you – and what you can help them recognize in themselves. What if you had a simple, powerful way to help people engage their full potential and energy by tapping into their natural strengths?

Strengths at Work™ is an easy-to-use interactive tool that supports you in helping people to:
 identify, understand, and leverage their natural strengths.
 recognize and work with intrinsic personal drivers.
 coach to all aspects of an individual’s strengths rather than to their weaknesses.
 demystify and depersonalize limiting behaviors associated with a strength.
 understand how others perceive them.
 engage and energize people with your feedback rather than demotivate them.

Providing a powerful mirror of people’s strengths and helping them to discover new possibilities are important gifts that executive coaches, business or life coaches, and therapists give to their clients. To evaluate this tool, we invite you to learn more about Strengths at Work™ or download a professional overview.
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