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Create Your Legacy
What is remembered lives on. The legacy we leave behind can be unconscious or mindful. What do you want people to remember about you – and how you lived your life? Perhaps you want them to recall a special talent you nurtured within yourself and others – or you hope they find inspiration in your joy of learning, experimenting, and dreaming.

Many people choose to create an even more meaningful life and legacy by a operating from strengths-based perspective. They might do this instinctively – or with a little guidance. Strengths at Work™ can help you:
 recognize what your natural strengths are and how they’re at work in your life.
 learn how these strengths are perceived by others.
 temper potential limiting behaviors that happen when strengths are in “overdrive”.
 see and appreciate the unique talents of others – and depersonalize what they do.
 identify shared values or desires to connect at work, at home, and in the community.

Whether the reach of your legacy is large or small, what you leave behind is important and will shape someone’s tomorrow. To create even stronger roots for your legacy, we invite you to discover your strengths, live them, and share them with others.
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