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Extend Your Ripple
Some people move through the world with an easy confidence and positive energy. You can feel it the moment they walk into the room. We are drawn to them and enjoy being part of their ripple. Most of us want to have that kind of impact in our own worlds.

This kind of magic often happens when someone is operating from a strengths-based perspective. They know what their natural strengths are… see and appreciate the unique talents of others… depersonalize what others do or don’t do… and identify shared values or desires to connect with others at work, at home, and in the community.

Examples of this magic are all around us. Here’s one to consider. Due to company cutbacks, Stephanie, an extraordinary corporate trainer, went from frequently facilitating workshops to working alone – creating on-line training and writing manuals. While grateful to still have a job, working on projects that didn’t utilize her strengths made her feel “disconnected” from herself, her work, and her remaining co-workers. So, she decided to find a volunteer situation where she could use natural talents. When she began facilitating a personal development training one weekend a month, this re-energized her, sharpened her skills, and touched the lives of others.

To support you in shaping the ripple you want to create, we invite you to consider Strengths at Work™ and the 21-Day Guide to Living Your Strengths. These tools will help you identify your natural gifts and discover ways to bring them to life so you can give your best to the world.
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