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Many people go through life with ideas and dreams that they’ll do “some day”. For many people, that some day never comes. They may have been told what they want is just “pie in the sky”. Some postpone their dreams feeling that there’s plenty of time. While others find themselves asking, Is this really my life? Is this all there is?

Even the most successful, resourceful individuals seek support when faced with a challenge. There’s an old saying that “It’s hard to cut your own hair” – and it’s also true of working with your own issues. Whether you’re pursuing a dream that seems out of reach, charting a new direction, or resolving a relationship problem, an objective listener with skills for sorting through patterns can help you move from feeling stuck or hopeless to feeling energized and purposeful.

If a sounding board and guide would be helpful to you, consider which of these experienced coaches would be best suited to help you move forward.

 Counseling & Problem Solving, Carla Camou, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
 Situational Coaching & Strategy Development, Elyse Gerard, Business Consultant
 Corporate Executive Coach & Career Management,
 CB Bowman, CEO for Executive Leadership, LLC

We invite you to get coaching and take a positive step toward making that “some day” a reality.

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