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Hire Extraordinary Talent

Great leaders surround themselves with the right talent. You need people that can perform today and take your organization to an even higher level of performance and growth. They need the right work style, “technical” expertise, and soft skills. They need to complement and strengthen the current team. And, they need to make a positive difference – immediately.

Hiring extraordinary talent begins with understanding what you really need – to enhance your current team and to build a bench of the right talent for the future. Answering critical questions – such as “What are the strengths of the Current Team?” and “What gaps do we need to bridge to excel?– will have a positive impact far beyond the immediate hire.

When you want to be even more effective in your hiring practices, Better by Choice™ can support you by:
 using Strengths at Work™ to identify needed strengths.
 providing training or consulting on best practice interviewing.
 assessing and enhancing your recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding processes.
 reviewing workforce strategies and methods for utilizing outside hiring resources.
 evaluating hiring alternatives such as contracting or outsourcing expertise.

If you want to consistently hire “stars”, we invite you to discover more about Strengths at Work, download an executive summary, or tell us about your situation to explore how Better by Choice can support you.
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