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Many leaders and consultants focus on what they can see and seek answers to that. We’ve learned that even the most elegant solutions run aground if you don’t focus first on the whys – why you want something and why you don’t currently have it – simply because you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. So part of the way we support people is by… asking questions… revealing beliefs… uncovering barriers… identifying options to move forward… and recognizing resistance.
Without addressing the thoughts and beliefs that shape strategies and behaviors, new knowledge and solutions lose their momentum and often become the flavor of the month. Discovering how you and others think about something is the first step to shifting it, creating options, and integrating a new way of being.
And, we’ve learned that even a winning strategy is just a good idea if it doesn’t become part of you and your group’s day-to-day behavior – through effective, consistent, positive reinforcement. We find that in the rush to make progress on the next thing, many people and organizations overlook the importance of consistency and follow through. Whenever we work with clients, our approach takes a solution all the way through implementation. So we collaborate with clients to create achievable, actionable plans that are supported by effective training options and easy-to-use job aids.
We invite you to learn more about the Thought Cycle and explore how we can assist you in improving your business, developing yourself, and developing others.  

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