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Over the course of nearly three decades, our approach to leadership, training, coaching, and building relationships has been to notice, recognize, honor, and work with people’s strengths – helping them to find ways to fully express their natural talents and to seek out people and places where these strengths are valued.

This inspired us to develop a tool that helps people gain access to this meaningful way of connecting to themselves and others. Strengths at Work™ is the result of insights we’ve gained from interviewing, training, coaching and working with thousands of individuals during our lives and careers. To learn more about this foundational piece of how we work, see Strengths at Work.

As we’ve worked to bring this approach to life, we find ourselves with an exciting and growing list of other ideas – for books, tools, and services we want to share with others who are trying to create a better life for themselves and more fully share their gifts. So we created Better by Choice.

We invite you to learn more about Better by Choice by… exploring how we work… hearing from our clients… and considering how we can assist you in improving your business, developing yourself, and developing others.
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