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Principal Profile – Susan Sanders
Susan is a dynamic facilitator with a bias for experiential, interactive talent development that engages participants and supports real learning for on-the-job application. Because she understands how people learn and work, she has a 30 year track record of creating and implementing practical, user-friendly programs, processes, and tools that drive meaningful and lasting change.

•  Needs Analysis
•  Instructional Design
•  Workshop Facilitation
•  Training Materials Creation
•  Train-The-Trainers
•  Operational Tools Development

Areas of Focus
•  Staff Selection
•  Customer Care
•  Leadership/Management
•  Personal Development
•  Teamwork
•  Coaching/Mentoring

Her passion for helping people develop life skills that work across contexts led her to invest in co-creating Strengths at Work™ and co-founding Better by Choice™.
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