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Principal Profile – Jean Devine (formerly Jean Eveld)
Jean is a versatile senior level executive with 30+ years experience focused on talent acquisition and management. She has a unique combination of experience spanning field based multi-market P&L responsibility to corporate based management of cross functional departments. She has led sales, service, recruiting, IT, quality and operations teams of up to 400+, “on site” and virtually, with revenues up to $60M.

She began her career working as a volunteer director in a hospital, followed by several years in the employment department at Anheuser-Busch. During the next 25 years, Jean assumed progressively more challenging and strategic leadership roles – in both corporate and field positions – at Adecco and Spherion. At Spherion and Manpower, Jean dedicated the next seven years to developing competitive advantages, distinctive messaging, and best-in-class recruiter training for the evolving market segment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Whether she’s working with individuals or teams, Jean has a passion for holding a mirror that reflects each person’s unique gifts and helping them find ways to realize that best vision of themselves. This passion led her to invest in co-creating Strengths at Work™ and co-founding Better by Choice™. According to Strengths at Work, her natural strengths are: coaching and teaching, problem solving, being versatile, leading, getting things done, and being honorable.

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